Monaco Yacht Show

Musings on Monaco

The Monaco Yacht Show 2019 brought together a growing number of floating superyachts, exhibitors and visitors. Here are three of my main observations.

Observation 1:

The biggest thrill for me was to hear the news from Feadship of the Netherlands followed by Benetti of Italy. By 2025, both companies plan to launch fully electric-powered superyachts to the market. These pioneers in shipbuilding are setting the trend towards greener technologies to make our seas blue again. This is exactly what we at Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch are doing with our frontrunner technology called Poseidon Power that enables all types of marine craft to tap into the indisputable advantages of hybrid or fully electric power.

Observation 2:

Green is in. Also in the superyacht world. And this was one of the main themes that was clearly visible from the 600 exhibitors and 125 luxurious floating super and mega vessels on display in Port Hercules, Monaco.

From the climate change perspective, this is brilliant news. And we’re happy to help any shipbuilder reach their goals with our world-class technology.

Observation 3:

Technologies that have been taken into use in other fields are now being embraced more by marine. Digitalization, for example, was more visible than ever. And I could see more apps being promoted for mobile phones at the show.

Digitalization will play a critical role in enhancing safety at sea, especially when it comes to sharing knowledge and data. Ships can inform each other of obstacles or sudden storms. And ports can keep in contact with captains and crewmembers, giving them the latest information about winds, currents or other hazards.

Autonomous operation was another technology that is quickly making waves in this industry. As navigation becomes more autonomous, it will help assist and prevent collisions. Safety for the crew and passengers will increase tremendously.

Are you in the race?

In my opinion, the race is on now for superyachts to come to our oceans with quiet grace. Powerful boost, without vibration. More space and comfort, since electrical drive trains are more compact. Plus, speed and environmental consciousness.

If you want to know more, we offer the coolest electric propulsion system available for you to operate your superyacht at the speed of light!

Contact me to find out how.

Ville Parpala

Image source: © Monaco Yacht Show