ballast wall

Protection with ballast wall

With the increasing number of serial turbo machine orders comes a stronger need to fulfill stricter safety regulations. Yaskawa Environmental Energy has invested in a new ballast wall to raise the level of safety of our employees in the Lappeenranta factory.

The Switch has had this new equipment in use since March 2019. The wall is used to protect employees and the surroundings from high-speed centrifugal breakdowns when testing high-speed machines. It is built to obstruct anything that flies from the machines in the rotating direction.

Machine tests can last from one hour to many days. The tests, for example, are routine, full power, overspeed or any other type tests required by our customers or the classification society.

Production Engineer Henri Paukkunen, states with pride: “This wall protects against just about anything! There is a layer of sand in between the two sheets of solid, thick steel. Now, this ballast wall takes the level of safety at our factory to a completely new level.”

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