Milla Häggblom

Milla Häggblom appointed Division Controller / VP Finance, Environmental Energy Division

We are pleased to announce that Milla Häggblom has been nominated Division Controller / VP Finance for the Environmental Energy Division (EED) / The Switch of the YEU Group.

Milla started at The Switch on March 10, 2008, working in various positions in the finance department. In her new role, she will be responsible for all division assets, conforming with the ethical principles of IFRS and other accounting standards. She will lead all finance and accounting operations for EED, ensuring they meet the efficiency and profitable growth goals for the division.

Milla succeeds Dag Sandås as the highest ranked person in the division responsible for finance. She reports to Miika Reinikka, EED President.

“I have worked for EED / The Switch now for over 12 years,” Milla says. “This is the next step for me, being responsible for the whole package, so to say. I look forward to working closely with other management team members. I am also very excited to be leading our Finance Team, because we have a very well-functioning team.”

She feels her team can be of even more support to the rest of the organization in the future when it comes to project cost follow-up, smoother invoice handling and other tasks.

“Another thing I look forward to is being in closer contact with YEU. I am also happy to work with my colleagues in a broader way than before,” she adds.

Please join us in congratulating Milla in her new position.