A historical day for our Large Drive Test Center

Wednesday, August 26, marked a huge next step for our Large Drive Test Center in Lappeenranta. The first factory acceptance test for three marine PMM1000Q00 permanent magnet (PM) shaft generators started off.

“On Wednesday, we began the back-to-back tests, which ran very smoothly for the entire day on Thursday,” Matti Nikkinen, VP Operations at Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch, says. “Our permanent magnet shaft generator machines performed well and so did our testing system. We were all very pleased with the success.”

The first two PM shaft generators passed FAT without any hiccups in the presence of the customer and representative from the classification society.

On Wednesday, September 2, the testing of a third PM shaft generator continued with no load tests. The FAT for this last machine proceeded just as easily as the initial two.

“It’s a historical day – and a huge step forward along our journey to provide proven large drive testing services to customers. We have been envisioning this moment ever since this significant investment was approved in Japan a few years ago,” Matti underlines.

Large Drive Test Center
Making history: The Switch PMM1000Q00 permanent magnet shaft generators undergo factory acceptance tests (FATs) in Lappeenranta on Wednesday, August 26. These are the first machines to be fully tested by our systems in the new Large Drive Test Center.