PM shaft generator

It’s time to consider a permanent magnet (PM) shaft generator

COVID-19 has slowed down the world. The marine industry, which is notably conservative and features long business processes, is slow to begin with – and now even slower.

Still, some progressive bulk carrier and oil tanker companies are placing orders for future vessels. Several liquefied natural gas carrier (LNGC) / liquefied propane gas carrier (LPGC) and very large ethane carrier (VLEC) vessel projects are in the works. Why? For one, LNG is the greenest fossil fuel and a very important component of the global energy market considering its capacity to help reduce the carbon footprint of the energy and transportation industry. And stricter emission legislation requires shipping companies to leverage new technologies on modern gas carriers to reduce total fuel consumption by up to 40%.

These savings are possible with the inclusion of a permanent magnet (PM) shaft generator in existing or newbuild vessels. If you’re not familiar with a PM shaft generator, the technology is a simple, direct-drive device – basically an electric motor built around the shaft. No bearings. No sparking components. Compact. And since the device is highly efficient, the cooling system is simple and straightforward. Ultimately, its simplicity offers exceptional redundancy and reliability with little maintenance. What’s more, a PM shaft generator complies with stricter emission regulations, being able to turn off the main engine and enter or exit harbors with tight NOx or CO2 emissions limits.

In particular, we’re seeing PM shaft generators being specified when auxiliary gensets are replaced by shaft generators, powered by the main engines. The machines also offer a wide speed range and compact size that align well with ship designs. Hence, several of the abovementioned carrier projects are utilizing our technology.

Why us? A number of reasons which include the fact that we have:

  • Delivered over 50 PM shaft generators since 2016
  • Offered competitively priced, tested and fine-tuned technology
  • Provided our technology with the shortest delivery time
  • Established one of the longest track records of supplying PM shaft generators
  • Created the best solution available on the market

In addition, you can test our PM shaft generators at our brand-new Large Drive Test Center in Lappeenranta, Finland – offering the latest state-of-the-art testing facilities. We can even offer combined testing of the machines with the customer’s components, such as their own shaft, bearings, beds or even drives. This gives progressive LNGC/LPGC/VLEC vessels high efficiency through a simple, reliable and very well tested PM shaft generator solution.

As our world slowly wakes up from the COVID-19 pandemic, we still have to contend with the climate change and the ever-increasing need to cut global emissions through achieving higher fuel efficiencies. Those who are doing so are focusing on creating a better environment for the future by navigating toward lower or zero emissions.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how a PM shaft generator could help improve your efficiency, our customer relation teams are standing by ready to serve shipowners, system integrators and shipyards to embrace the undisputed advantages of PM technology.

Risto Ahvo

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