CEO vision

Fast-forward into fall

I feel that I wrote my last newsletter intro just recently. Still, it seems to be already more than 3 months ago. I must say time is flying fast 😊! But then again while looking back, I can see that a lot has happened since July.

One major milestone has been reached in the Large Drive Test Center (LDTC) in Lappeenranta. The LDTC is now fully operational, and we have already successfully carried out our testing projects for our wind and marine customers. This newsletter features one of those projects.

We have also become a proud partner of the recently launched Norwegian Sustainable Energy Catapult Center in Heiane, Norway. You can read more about that in the news section.

In addition, I recommend you read our recent Marine blogs and stories from various publications. These include useful information on our technologies and products that help you succeed in your business. I would like to wish you a great remainder of the year.

Take care and be safe!