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SPS Connect: The digital gathering for the automation industry

Nov 24– 26, 2020
Virtual meetups from Nov 16 – Dec 4, 2020
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SPS – Smart Production Systems – is happening digitally this year. Now is a great time to learn more about the latest developments in technology, for example, the use of a gearless approach that expands an application’s power and speed. As part of Yaskawa, we’re showcasing our latest innovations and groundbreaking solutions. Come participate, network, connect and talk with us – all digitally, of course!

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Yaskawa SPS 2020 highlights

High-speed motor for turbo applications: Setting the new standard

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Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch advances the industrial world with high-speed electrical motors and variable speed drives for better system efficiency – up to 20,000 rpm with power ranging from 200 kW–1.0 MW. Applications that can benefit include blowers, compressors, pumps, vacuum systems and other high-speed industrial applications.

The Switch direct-drive, high-speed electrical motors allow you to eliminate the mechanical gearbox.

  • Higher speeds, higher powers
  • Compact, lightweight structure requires 50% less space
  • Solid rotor construction provides high mechanical integrity and rigidity
  • Higher system efficiencies without the gearbox

Our high-speed drive system consists of solid rotor motors together with the latest Yaskawa variable frequency drive technology. Together with the frequency converter, you get full control and variable speed over the entire operating range.

Think outside the gearbox

CR700 crane drive: The best for your cranes

At Yaskawa, the customer’s needs are always our top priority. Our CR700 crane drive is the result of our more than 30 years of experience in the crane industry. It has been developed to optimize your cranes based on our core principles: “flexible, simple, sustainable.” Achieving these goals with uncompromising quality and dependability is what makes us the industry leader.

The most important features of the CR700:

  • Anti-swing function
  • Synchronized position control
  • Load balancing function without encoder
  • High-speed operation with light loads


U1000 regenerative matrix converter: Maximum energy efficiency

The U1000 is a high-efficiency inverter drive with the latest matrix converter technology. Thanks to sinusoidal input voltages and a power factor of almost one, it provides highly efficient energy regeneration while simultaneously reducing the load on network components such as transformers and power lines. Its ultra-compact design makes the U1000 the first choice for innovative, energy-efficient drive solutions with or without energy regeneration.

It is the perfect solution for elevators, escalators, HVAC machines, hoists, centrifuges and many other applications.

The most important features of the U1000:

  • Precise control of induction and permanent magnet motors with or without an encoder
  • Highly efficient direct AC-AC conversion
  • Full-text operator control module in 13 languages


Profinet interface: Compact and powerful Sigma-7 servo drives from Yaskawa given an upgrade

The compact AC servo systems in the Sigma-7 series from Yaskawa already have a proven track record in many application areas, including packaging machines, equipment for the manufacture of semi-conductors and for wood processing, as well as digital presses. Now, in addition to EtherCAT and the Mechatrolink-III high-speed bus, the versatile servo drives also support the Profinet interface, which means that they can be integrated directly into Profinet communication networks. The series includes narrow single- and double-axis amplifier modules for 200 V or 400 V in a space-saving design. These can be lined up seamlessly in the control cabinet and can easily be daisy chained if required.

  • Extensive range of motor and amplifier powers
  • High performance for extra savings
  • Safety functions
  • High efficiency
  • High precision
  • Impressive system performance
  • Outstanding reliability


GA500 inverter drive: The new, compact and flexible app-based motor selection and setup

Despite its compact size, the GA500 can conquer virtually any application thanks to its versatile connection options and compatibility with a range of motor types.

The most important features of the GA500:

  • One drive for controlling any induction, permanent magnet or synchronous reluctance motor
  • Built-in EMC filter and brake chopper to save space in the control cabinet
  • Simple motor setup without the need for auto-tuning simplifies optimization with connected machines
  • Easy startup without a power supply by programming from a PC or smartphone


Extension for the MICRO PLC

We are presenting a brand-new innovation for the MICRO PLC. The controller is now available with analog inputs for current and/or voltage.

This extremely fast and compact micro-control system combines exceptional design with groundbreaking new operation and status displays.


SLIO: The smart control and I/O system

SLIO is a modular and extremely compact control and I/O system. It can be combined and used with any of our established systems and many systems from other manufacturers.

The completely redesigned SLIO system sets another benchmark in the automation industry, by combining high performance and the latest functions with a clever mechanical concept in an extremely compact design.

It also offers innovations in control and visualization, for example, new, extended modules for the established SLIO IO series.


TRITON: All in one

TRITON combines industrial gigabit Ethernet communication with a fast and reliable backplane system and a powerful multi-core processor in a single product with low power losses. With three powerful ARM Cortex-A17 processors and four gigabit Ethernet ports with TSN support, the chip is a true highlight in industrial automation.

The most important features:

  • Equipped for the future with TSN support, DDR4, PCI Express and Security Core
  • No heat sink required thanks to low power consumption
  • Integrated functions ensure low total cost of ownership
  • Three processor cores with high single thread performance, best suited for motion and control tasks
  • Stacks available for all standard Ethernet and fieldbus protocols
  • Portfolio of compatible ASICs for a complete automation system



SPS will be entirely digital this year: https://sps.mesago.com/nuernberg/en/sps_connect.html

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