Asbjorn presenting at E&H

Electric & Hybrid Marine presentations

Asbjørn Halsebakke, Director of Technical Solutions, participated in this year’s Electric & Hybrid Marine Virtual “Live” event, presenting our Poseidon Power offering and focusing on the DC-Hub for building the ships of the future. This was a pre-recorded presentation followed up by a live Q&As session.

Asbjørn also joined a Panel Discussion to discuss the future of Power Control Systems.

E&H panel discussion
Panel discussion at Electric & Hybrid Marine Virtual “Live” 2021

In all, the virtual platform has been quite successful for the presentations, meet-ups, speakers and sponsors. In light of the current global ban on face-to-face exhibitions, this was an extremely positive experience for Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch to present its solutions and meet up with other professionals in the market to discuss and share thoughts and ideas for the way forward.