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The next generation of superyachts

Today’s superyachts should be ecofriendly, silent, spacious and strong.

Our Poseidon Power range of permanent magnet (PM) propulsion systems deliver the kind of clean energy performance that can propel you to ecologically sensitive regions, such as the Arctic, in style. The products cut emissions while offering greater efficiency, reliability and flexibility than conventional propulsion systems. Options such as diesel-electric, hybrid or fully electric power propulsions keep emissions low or even at zero.

The system is near silent, with low vibrations, built to DNV GL’s Class F standard, crucial to accessing areas of the Arctic where noise levels are restricted to protect marine life.

Superyacht owners appreciate the silence. But if a superyacht has a conventional shaft line connected to the diesel engine directly, there will be a large amount of vibration coming from the shaft line. This is because it runs at least a third of the length of the superyacht itself. Basically, every bearing included spreads noise around the hull.

With the Poseidon Power concept, you can place the PM propulsion system at the aft of the vessel, which leads to a shorter shaft and fewer bearings. This also eliminates the switchgear and frees up space while cutting weight.

Space is always limited in superyachts. However, a solution built as a modular “Lego” system enables the machinery to fit any vessel. That means space savings, which can give superyacht designers premium square meters for extra living space. We can make machines that fit in narrow spaces and play with the width and length of the propulsion machinery. There’s no need to redesign the entire vessel. If you can save tens of tons by choosing smart, why wouldn’t you?

Our Poseidon Power range lives up to its powerful name – the electric drive enables great ice breaking capabilities. If a superyacht is running silent and the propeller gets clogged with ice, you need to have an enormous amount of power to break free. With conventional propulsion systems, you risk damaging the clutch. But with our electric machine, you get full torque to break through any ice from the start.

We can deliver a power range from 1 MW to 15 MW. When you combine fuel savings with reduced weight, increased reliability, lower maintenance costs and the range of green energy options, you get considerable payback over the lifetime of the vessel.

We have delivered more than 1,300 Poseidon Power Drives purely for marine and sold over 80 Poseidon Power PM shaft generators. We encourage you to test out this technology at our state-of-the-art testing facility in Lappeenranta, Finland, to see the power this solution can bring to you.

Ville Parpala

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