Newsletter 01-21

Recap of our strategy

Dear friends,

I promised you last July in my first newsletter to keep our customers in the center of all our activities. I made this promise because I really believe that key to our success as a product supplier is to support the business of our existing and new customers in all possible ways.

Our strategy is to make competitive and optimized products that our customers – OEMs and system integrators – can deploy in their total solutions or systems and make them attractive to their customers.

Our job is to provide optimized, thoroughly tested and game-changing products based on our permanent magnet (PM), solid rotor and high-power converter technologies. We aim for continuous improvement as a team to be ready for new challenges, enter into new and often joint developments together with our customers and be flexible when it comes to business models and terms.

We have succeeded in increasing our electrical machine business in past years and continue to strengthen especially our PM machine portfolio for large power and direct-drive shaft generator and propulsion solutions. We continue to support our wind customers and are looking for new business, especially with our proven medium-speed PM generators, which in our opinion is the right solution for geared wind turbines in the future. We also have high expectations for our new high-speed solid rotor machine product range that can replace traditional induction machine and gear combinations in various turbo applications.

One cornerstone in our strategy is to make a comeback with converters. The converter business, especially in Chinese wind markets, was our foundation for many years. Now, our focus is on marine and DC distribution where we have a modular DC-Hub concept with a unique ultra-fast protection concept to ensure the uninterrupted operation of vessels.

Last but not least, our high-power test facility in Lappeenranta – one of our most recent investments – is now being fully used to ensure the quality and performance of our products. And in Norway, our products can be tested by our customers as part of their systems by using the Norwegian Sustainable Energy Catapult Center, also known as the Energy House.

I wish you an excellent spring. Hopefully, we can win our battle against the COVID-19 pandemic soon and meet face to face again.