energy efficiency module

Asbjørn Halsebakke presents in Energy Efficiency Module

Shipping is facing a big journey to reach zero-carbon operation by 2050. To find new ways and explore innovative solutions, the BS Group arranged a two-day-long Ship Propulsion Compliance virtual conference. 

In the afternoon of June 2, Asbjørn Halsebakke, Manager, Technical Solutions, Marine at Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch, was one of the four speakers in the Energy Efficiency Module. “Shipowners need to be prepared and ready to change. That’s the only thing that is for sure in these uncertain times. We are ready for the future already today – to offer higher efficiency, more power and installation flexibility,” he says. “That’s what we call being future-flexible.”

This first day brought together shipping industry experts to discuss the current situation when it comes to future compliance and energy efficiency improvements. 

The main topics of the module included: 

  • Hybrid systems
  • Fuel consumption saving by propeller management
  • Impact of ship speed and hull resistance relation
  • Overview of efficient propeller design

Asbjørn Halsebakke presented how large The Switch DC systems connected in a ring configuration can lower the short circuit contribution that enables low-voltage DC installations to compete efficiently with a standard medium voltage (MV) / high voltage (HV) solution. Batteries then help reduce the power peaks of the installation, further reducing the need for generators and decreasing the need for generator maintenance.

Halsebakke leads his team in engineering marine drive solutions, frequency converters and rotating machinery, which are in use today with the utmost reliability on vessels throughout the world.