Switch it Up

A closer look at The Switch PM machine

We’re launching our 15-minute-long “Switch it Up” webinars to enjoy over a cup of coffee as part of our full webinar series!

Take a closer look as Michiel Bosch, Customer Project Engineer at Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch, presents The Switch permanent magnet machine.

He’s joined by Jussi Puranen, Head of Product Line Electrical Machines at  Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch, to answer the questions of the participants.

This specially designed machine for shaft generators and propulsion offers vessels unprecedented benefits, including high power density, better reliability and lower operational costs.

The short webinar with time for Q&As with our experts will allow you to:

  • See what a permanent magnet machine looks like for real
  • Discover the main components of this machine
  • Explore the mechanical solution for a reliable machine
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