Future Energy Solutions – “already proven”

On Monday, September 13, Mikko Lönnberg presented several marine cases that demonstrate “The future is now” when it comes to using proven technology to help shipowners fulfill current regulations and comply with future environmental changes.

This was the first time in many months that a group was gathered in an auditorium to listen to a lineup of speakers representing some of the latest technologies that support green electrification in transportation, power generation and building sectors at the Future Energy Solutions Conference in Lappeenranta, Finland. Several hundreds of participants also joined the two-day event virtually.

Mikko began by challenging the listeners to think beyond the conventional AC power on board vessels. Already today, the top 10 wind turbine manufacturers have all switched from conventional technology to permanent magnet technology to take advantage of greater efficiency. Why shouldn’t the marine sector go electric to cut costs, save fuel – and make our seas blue again?

The technology and products from Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch have been demonstrating outstanding results already for more than a decade. The future is already here for shipowners, shipyards and ship designers.

Why not make the switch?

Listen to the entire presentation here

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