100% solid reliability

What could the most robust high-speed technology do for your application?

The Switch turbo rotor

If you want a simplified drive system with better efficiency, higher speeds, higher powers and safety, our solid rotor machines are the answer.

Superpowered induction machines

Solid rotor machines are superpowered induction machines. They are capable of significantly higher speeds than traditional induction motors – and are just as simple to use. And recent state-of-the-art materials now allow our rotors to achieve even higher maximum speeds and powers. They come packed with benefits for today’s turbo machinery applications:

  • Both shaft and active part of the rotor are machined from the same steel billet for great robustness
  • Solid one-piece construction with high bending stiffness can withstand high centrifugal forces and thermal cycling
  • Operates safely at speeds higher than 14,000 rpm
  • Reaches power levels over 2,500 kW while operating at low voltage, for lower investment costs
  • Copper squirrel cage made from only solid materials yields efficiencies of up to 97% for greater savings
  • Rotor balancing quality does not change over years of operation, allowing systems to run without interruptions
  • Reduced number of components in direct-drive systems means simplified design, operation and maintenance for reduced operating costs
  • Decreased system layout envelope for compact design and better accessibility
  • Bearing lubrication system size can be reduced – or even eliminated if active magnetic bearings are used, for far less maintenance and lower costs
  • Always paired with variable frequency drives for efficient and accurate control of processes over the full speed range

Highly reliable and well-proven technology

Yaskawa Environmental Energy – and its predecessors Rotatek and The Switch – have supplied over a thousand solid rotor motors since 1997, and in all that time, we have had no rotor failures – not one.

Today, many of our solid rotor motors have been operating for 15 years in demanding industrial applications. And we continue to develop mature technology while maintaining the robustness of our rotors.

Our solid rotor machines combine the most robust form of high-speed electrical technology with top efficiency.

Powerful technology for many high-speed applications

Solid rotor technology is ideal for any integrated electrical turbomachine concept. The same benefits extend to both direct-drive systems and standalone motor applications.

With solid rotor technology, systems such as high-speed gearboxes combined with standard 50-Hz or 60-Hz motors can be replaced by simpler variable-speed direct-drive systems – perfect for high-speed applications such as compressors, turbines, fans and pumps. Our solid rotor machines are always paired with the latest variable frequency drive technology built to our specifications to fit an electric machine and its application perfectly.

We’re comfortable with special applications starting at around 600 kW and can supply machines at even higher powers.

Get in touch with us today to find out how our machines can accomplish your goals, speed up your process and expand your business.

Markus Silventoinen