LIVE WEBCAST February 23, 2022
9am EST | 8am CST | 3pm CET | 4pm EET

With high-speed electrical motors, there is a clear gap between running applications below 200 kW with induction or permanent magnet machines and other applications developed in-house that run at multi-megawatt powers. This webinar, hosted by Turbomachinery International, takes a look at how solid-rotor technology extends the capabilities of standard induction electric motors to fill that gap.

By pairing a high-speed solid rotor motor or generator with a 2Q or 4Q variable frequency drive (VFD), it is possible to run high-speed direct-drive applications more cost efficiently at higher powers and higher speeds. Applications that have benefited include retrofits, coupling radial turbine and compressors to electrical machines, as well as test bench systems.

Key learning objectives

  • Availability of direct-drive gearless solutions using solid-rotor technology
  • Key design elements to consider – torque-speed envelope, bearings, cooling, coupling, VFD
  • What applications can benefit most?


Markus Silventoinen
Product Manager,
Solid-Rotor Machines
Yaskawa Environmental Energy /
The Switch

Giulio Martorelli
Business Development &
Key Account Manager
Yaskawa Environmental Energy /
The Switch

Mikko Lönnberg
Head of Marketing and
Business Development
Yaskawa Environmental Energy /
The Switch


Drew Robb
Editor-in-Chief, Turbomachinery

Think outside the gearbox

The Switch direct-drive, high-speed induction motors allow you to get rid of the mechanical gearbox. This allows the application to reach higher speeds and unmatched energy efficiency.

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