LNG and beyond: box ships’ path to decarbonization

On April 13, Jussi Puranen was one of the panelists at Riviera’s Container Ship Tech & Ops Webinar Week.

As one of the three panelists, Jussi discussed the potential for fuel savings in container vessels by using permanent magnet shaft generators as one of the ways to meet decarbonization targets.

He highlighted the efficiency advantages of a permanent magnet shaft generator over a conventional synchronous generator. In big LNG and container carriers, permanent magnet shaft generators have now become the standard due to their unsurpassed benefits for shipowners and the environment.

Jussi also discussed the Capex and Opex of a permanent magnet shaft generator. He underlined that the solution enables faster payback through higher efficiencies and lower operating costs.

As Jussi summed up, “For container vessels, improving efficiency and reducing emissions are becoming ever more important. There are several ways to reach the final goal – but it is essential to move forward along the path that is the best for you and your vessel.”

Watch the recording of this webinar that shares information to support container vessel operators of varying size and profiles to adopt the right strategy to future-proof their ships here.