Return to new normal

Summer – the long-awaited season – is here again!

And we managed to open this season with our traditional Summer Party after the long Covid-19 era. It was great to see most of our team members together celebrating the official opening of our Large Drive Test Center (LDTC) in Lappeenranta and having a good party together.

Hopefully, we now can say that the new normal working has started.

In my opinion, the hybrid working culture is here to stay. We have learned how to combine effective remote work with collaboration and team-building activities at our offices. And finally, we have been able to see our precious customers and partners again in live face-to-face meetings. We have had many visitors at our factories and have also started to travel to see our customers at their premises and participate in trade fairs.

We still, unfortunately, have the war in Europe. And we have met challenges with shortages and cost increases in certain materials and logistics.

But luckily, we have managed to serve our customers and fulfill their expectations. And we will continue to do our best to avoid any issues in the coming months as well.

I sincerely hope that the war will end soon, and we can continue peaceful business within Europe and elsewhere.

Enjoy the summer and have a relaxing vacation!

Division President & Chairman of the Board