New blower for Tier III compliance

MAN Energy Solutions has launched its EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) electrical turbo blower for the marine market. The Electrical Turbo Blower (ETB) units will be installed aboard vessels as part of their main engines’ integrated EGR system.

Along with IMO Tier III regulations compliance, the EGR method is regarded as a very efficient means by which to reduce NOx in combustion engines. The MAN ETB EGR blower is suitable for high-pressure EGR engines of all fuel types and in all application ranges. In contrast with SCR systems, EGR systems are integrated with the engine and are significantly smaller in size.

The blower is a core component in MAN Energy Solutions’ high-pressure EGR system that raises the exhaust-gas pressure to overcome the pressure difference between the exhaust gas and scavenging air receiver.

The desired EGR operating conditions are achieved by using The Switch high-speed electric motor with marine certification, which is directly coupled to the compressor wheel and speed controlled by a frequency converter. The MAN ETB features a highly efficient blower wheel, optimized for the low-pressure ratios found in a two-stroke diesel engine and whose materials are designed to withstand corrosive agents.

The development of this ETB series ensures a significant cost-down on all major components and features a significantly higher thermodynamic efficiency than previous designs. It enables customers to achieve sustainable value creation in the transition toward a carbon-neutral future.