Our purpose-built marine drive train saves you time and money

Switch tracks to DC distribution

What if your next vessel could be built with dedicated all-marine DC drive train key components that would

  • Eliminate designing from scratch
  • Provide ultra-safe DC distribution under all marine conditions
  • Come pre-tested and marine certified
  • Slash fuel costs and emissions and lower carbon taxes
  • Lower your customer’s OPEX
  • Represent the latest green technology – and be flexible enough to future-proof your vessel

No need to wait.

Our marine-specific components are proven and ready for your next vessel –simplified, optimized and uncompromised.

And by getting the drives and electric machines from only one source, you’ll shorten your project implementation time and associated costs.

Safe, efficient components for flexible design AND savings of time and costs

Our products include:


  • The Switch DC-Hub
    • Optimizes multi-megawatt DC distribution systems for all marine vessels
  • The Switch Single Drive
    • Standard drive for specific marine applications to 6 MW
  • The Switch Power Module
    • All-inclusive power module designs for different applications
  • Suite of 4 ultrafast protective devices – EBL, EDCB, ECL and BSCL – guarantee safe DC distribution under all sailing conditions.
    • Protection inside The Switch DC-Hubs, between DC-Hubs, and to and from batteries


  • Permanent magnet (PM) machines for shaft generators and direct-drive propulsion.
    • Widest range of marine PM machines available to ensure high efficiency
    • Over 250 machines have been ordered to date
    • More than 100 machines already sailing reliably, each slashing fuel costs and emissions

Value for our customers

Building block philosophy

No need to design from scratch. You can configure your own design to meet your precise vessel application by selecting exactly the drive modules you want – just like selecting Lego pieces. This standardized tailoring approach allows you to get the right components to match your needs. Our electric machines have also been engineered with a modular design.

Pre-tested and marine certified

Every product comes pre-tested and marine certified to save you time and trouble.

Our products fulfill all relevant international marine standards and class requirements – and are thoroughly tested for class approval.

Lower OPEX

Whether you use our drives or machines or both, your vessel will be more efficient, use less fuel, produce fewer emissions and generate lower carbon taxes.

Our DC-Hubs produce, transfer and consume energy the most efficient way. They deliver fuel and cost savings with reliability.

The increased power conversion efficiency of permanent magnet shaft generators is 2-4%-units at the rated point, and even higher at partial loads. Annual fuel savings are often tens of thousands of dollars or more, depending on vessel type, operation profile and fuel price.

Large Drive Test Center

Our products come supported by our Large Drive Test Center, where we verify our products in string tests before they are delivered to the shipyard. You can count on each one working just as it was designed to.

Service support

We’re your backup and training partner.

We support you in serving your end customers with:

  • Spare parts recommendations
  • Maintenance instructions
  • Spare parts
  • Installation and commissioning support
  • Product and maintenance training
  • Diagnostic and technical support
  • 24/7 hotline

Look for us at the Electric & Hybrid exhibition June 20-22, 2023, at booth 7015.

Come by to see what we’re doing or to discuss your vessel needs!

About the author

Juha Tennivaara

Juha Tennivaara
VP, Sales

Juha Tennivaara currently works as VP, Sales at The Switch, Finland. He has nearly 15 years of experience in the industry, and his main responsibility is to lead and develop the sales function of the company globally. Tennivaara holds a M.Sc. (Technology) degree in Industrial Management and an Executive MBA degree from the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), Finland.