4 reasons our PM machines are the #1 choice for direct-drive shaft generators

We’re proud to announce that our permanent magnet (PM) machines lead the market for direct-drive shaft generators.

Since 2015, more than 100 vessels have gone to sea with our technology and more than 270 shaft generator orders have been placed. Currently, we deliver tens of machines annually to shipyards via our system integrator customers.

What makes our PM machines stand out?  

1. Well-proven technology

Our PM technology was already well proven in the wind industry before we brought it to the marine market. Then in 2015, we delivered the world’s first megawatt-class PM shaft generator. Now our technology is well proven in the marine industry. We have the largest number of successful cases in this field.

2. Well-proven reliability

Our product reliability speaks for itself: NO product failures to date.

Our manufacturing operations translate our technology into the highest-quality products. Moreover, we test each machine in our purpose-built testing center and offer customers the opportunity to request tests of other components or string tests.

We bring the highest proven reliability to the marine industry, where safety and dependability are crucial. This is why our marine customers keep coming back and new customers can trust us. 

3. Longest reference list

Our PM machines are recognized as top-of-the-line machines for shaft generators. Our customers include the world’s best-known shipowners.

And more than 25 different shipyards around the world have installed our technology in a wide variety of vessels, including:                                                            

  • LNG carriers
  • LPG carriers
  • Oil/chemical tankers
  • Container vessels
  • Car carriers
  • Bulk and product carriers
  • Fishing vessels

4. Highest professional service  

We’re a product-focused company and sell our products via systems integrators. We know our partners’ success is our success. That’s why we’ve got your reputation in mind from start to finish. By offering optimized solutions and timely answers to any question at any point, we create a synergy of benefits for our partners.

First, our product is designed to make your work as easy as possible.

Our PM shaft generators can be adjusted to match any customer requirements and are suitable for variable speed shaft lines. The inherent simplicity and flexibility of design, high efficiency, and energy saving performance make our PM shaft generators a reliable and cost-effective system for shipowners and designers to meet increasingly stringent energy efficiency and emission limits.

Shaft generators made with our PM machines can be installed to a ship’s intermediate shaft in just 1–2 hours and aligned with the shaft line in 1–2 days. And after installation, our machines need only simple maintenance.

Second, we are highly attentive to your needs throughout the process and at installation, our representative is at the shipyard to answer questions and make sure all goes well.

A premium reputation

We’ve earned a premium reputation with the best technology and reliability – and by keeping your needs uppermost in our minds.

Why not talk to us about a shaft generator for your next vessel?

About the author

Wang Yang works as Key Account Manager at The Switch. During his first 11 years at The Switch, he worked in production, logistics and supply chain management, giving him a deep understanding of what customers need and how to fulfill their needs. He is proud to be part of company’s sales team since the beginning of 2023 and is excited to be able to offer the best technology, products and services to customers.