The Switch products showcased at the BEMAC exhibition in Japan

On May 16 and 17, 2024, The Switch participated in the BEMAC exhibition held at BEMAC’s Mirai Factory in Imabari City, Japan. The exhibition attracted nearly 400 visitors, a mix of local shipowners, operators and shipyard personnel. Imabari, known for its strong maritime industry, provided an ideal venue for showcasing marine technology advancements.

The event featured the latest products from companies represented by BEMAC, including Japan Radio, YDK Technologies, Nippon Hakuyo Electronics and others.

Daisuke Nakauchi, Executive General Manager of BEMAC’s Power Electronics Division, delivered a presentation on BEMAC’s power electronics business, highlighting the recent launch of the company’s new Power Electronics Test Building. The presentation also featured an overview of The Switch’s product offerings.

The Switch’s products, including the PMM, Single Drive and DC-Hub, were well received, with several visitors expressing interest, particularly in the PM shaft generators.

Moving forward, BEMAC and The Switch will continue to strengthen their presence in Japan’s dynamic maritime industry. The successful exhibition at Imabari underscores the promising opportunities ahead.