Making permanent results

The Switch was founded in 2006 with a challenger mindset. We wanted to break the status quo in the wind industry by pushing the permanent magnet (PM) generator and full-power converter drive train as the technology of choice.

Nearly 15 years later, there has been a shift in wind power technology with the 10 largest offshore and onshore turbine manufacturers all using permanent magnets as the technology of choice to reach higher powers and better efficiencies.

Then we went on to make a larger shift in the marine industry. In 2022 we became the leading PM shaft generator supplier for marine vessels with over 100 PM shaft generators delivered. Now, we are bringing PM motors to electric propulsion systems and revolutionary high-power converters designed for marine DC distribution without compromise.

Celebrating 15 years of permanent performance

15 milestones in our first 15 years


The Switch is founded and becomes 1st 100%-dedicated PMG and full-power converter technology champion for wind power.


Serial deliveries of direct-drive PMGs begin for ScanWind’s 3 MW nearshore wind turbine.

The Switch and MAN Turbo start testing their jointly developed 8 MW subsea high-speed gas compressor.


1st breakthrough deal for Goldwind’s 1.5 MW wind power converters.


Moventas and The Switch launch FusionDrive™ – a fully integrated medium-speed gear and generator.


New full-power converter series for wind with world-class fault ride-through capability.


Successful commissioning of The Switch drive trains for Haizhuang Windpower’s 5 MW offshore turbine.


Installation of 1st commercial 8 MW offshore turbine with The Switch medium-speed PMG. The Switch enters marine business and signs deal with WE Tech for permanent magnet shaft generators.

Yaskawa Electric Corporation acquires 100% of The Switch companies.


Over 6,000 liquid-cooled, full-power converter deliveries reached for Goldwind’s 1.5 MW turbine.


The Switch acquires Wärtsilä Norway-based marine power drive business. More than 1,300 marine drives in operation.


MAN Energy launches Electric Turbo Blower (ETB) powered by The Switch high-speed solid rotor machine. The Switch becomes the Environmental Energy Division of Yaskawa Europe.


The Switch signs a deal with Caterpillar/Berg Propulsion for direct-drive electric propulsion machines and gensets

Launch of Large Drive Test Center in Lappeenranta, Finland, with testing capability of 18 MW


The Switch becomes leading PM shaft generator supplier with over 100 permanent magnet shaft generators delivered.

More than 600 medium-speed PM generators have been delivered for offshore turbines.

The Switch high-speed solid rotor motors have been operating for more than 10 million hours, and over 10 years, in tough applications – with zero rotor defects.

Now in 2022, we have delivered over 20 GW of megawatt-class environmental energy technology worldwide – to wind, marine and industry.

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