Large Drive Test Center

Our Large Drive Test Center in Lappeenranta, Finland, is one of the world’s largest facilities to test large electric drive systems for renewable energy.

Today, the center can test 12-MW back-to-back drive systems. In 2022, we will extend the system up to a giant 18 MW, outstripping almost anything else being offered across the globe. The center also has an 80-ton overhead crane to handle exceptionally large machines.

As equipment is getting bigger all the time and drives are continuously getting more powerful, it was essential to have a place for our company and customers to verify these mighty units. Our new testing center can now push the boundaries for the biggest machines in the business.

The Large Drive Test Center combines overall machine testing with the customer’s own components, such as their own shaft, bearings, beds or drives, or provide space for whole units brought in by customers. And we can design and manufacture any tooling needed by our customer.

The center can test any electric drive train or component, including machines – either motors or generators – and converters. Approximately 50 tests per year can be carried out, depending on the size of the machines, which commonly comprise at least several megawatts and weigh in at 20 to 30 tons.

Large Drive Test Center

The center has space to run one full test while another is being prepared, which shortens the throughput time of the units. We are also capable of running tests for marine-class certification by the various international societies. Third-party test setups can also be arranged in our premises.

As the new center has been built adjacent to the main Lappeenranta factory, finished units can be extensively tested to full capacity and complete certification can be carried out on site. This saves customers time and money down the line when it comes to the commissioning phase of the equipment.

Large Drive Test Center

Other fun facts:

  • The floor consists of:
    • 1 million kilos of concrete
    • 35,000 kilos of reinforcement bars
  • Cooling capacity for 18 MW of machine power

Our new state-of-the-art testing center provides answers to questions being asked by customers as they shift towards a greener future, while also looking to cut costs through better performance, greater efficiencies and improved reliability.