We believe visible and sustainable movement forward starts with integrity and dedication. That’s why our policies serve continuously as our guide within our partnerships, innovative technology and energy solutions.

Environmental policy

We are dedicated to the battle against climate change and to preserve the world’s energy resources.

To put this dedication into action, our policy is to provide:

  • The best approach to new energy solutions
  • Techniques that transform untapped energy into electricity
  • Products that help reduce carbon emissions
  • Production that minimizes the load on the environment
    • We use all our resources efficiently
    • We use high-quality raw materials
    • We provide end-of-life treatment recommendations for our products
  • Supply chain that is willing to act in a responsible way

We comply with legislation and are constantly challenging ourselves. We are committed to continual environmental improvement and sustainable development through:

  • Environmental programs and objectives
  • Management principles and performance indicators

Quality policy

We are committed to customer satisfaction –
applying the ISO 9001 system and its continuous improvement process effectively

Our management is dedicated to meet the needs and expectations of all stakeholders –
establishing and maintaining processes that result in top-quality products and services

We ensure operational excellence –
reviewing our processes and working methods continuously

We meet our customers’ highest quality and performance targets –
with products designed and manufactured with the latest technology

We fulfill customer requirements – with highly skilled and trained personnel
We maintain quality and on-time deliveries throughout our supply chain