Advantages of The Switch CHP solutions

Separately excited conventional synchronous gensets also benefit from The Switch CHP solutions. Short circuit current is limited by utilizing the power converter, which simplifies retro-fit implementation with existing equipment.

The ability to control power output allows for fast dynamic control of building import levels to precise values. Certification of UL grid requirements for co-gen applications allows for readily accepted installations. Isolation between the generator and the grid via the power converter allows for variable reactive power factor control of both generator and utility for optimal operation.

1. Energy efficiency and peak shaving capability

Reduce building demand charges and lower the cost of energy in CHP applications.

2. Distributed generation interconnectivity

The ability of The Switch converters to be disconnected within 3 milliseconds has led to their approval by New York State and other major Northeast utilities in the US.

3. Grid support functionality

Provides dynamic volt-ampere reactive (VAR) power, thereby limiting current surges. The Switch converters comply with UL and IEEE requirements and disconnect during UL events.

4. Variable speed advantage

Allows operation at partial loads to save money and produce the right amount of energy when needed.

5. Emergency backup power

Emergency backup supply with black start capability offers a reliable energy supply. Isolated loads are secured.