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At Yaskawa Environmental Energy, we are a specialist in advanced electrical drive train technology, with a focus on permanent magnet, solid rotor and variable speed drive technology. Our main areas are wind, marine and turbo/industry solutions. We believe that creating a future in new energy means innovating it together today. Our innovative products, capabilities and solutions convert energy sustainably, contain energy effectively and consume energy responsibly.

Join us on our mission to enable more profitable power generation, energy storage and use, while lowering the cost of electricity and operations.

shaft line

Dimensioning the shaft line for a shaft generator or propulsion motor

With an electric machine on the shaft line, we face new considerations in shaft line dimensioning. The bearings in the shaft line are common to both the shaft line and the electric machine, and the shaft line is directly connected to the machine rotor. Thus, torsional vibrations, lateral vibrations and rotor deflection must be considered.

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wind, marine, turbo

Switching on frequently 01/2022: Outlook for 2022

We have recently closed our books for the fiscal year of 2021. Despite COVID-19 impact on the global economy and our operations, we managed to reach most of our targets. I am especially proud of our on-time delivery performance in spite of certain material shortages and logistics constraints.

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