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At Yaskawa Environmental Energy, we are a specialist in advanced electrical drive train technology, with a focus on permanent magnet, solid rotor and variable speed drive technology. Our main areas are wind, marine and turbo/industry solutions. We believe that creating a future in new energy means innovating it together today. Our innovative products, capabilities and solutions create energy sustainably, contain energy effectively and consume energy responsibly.

Join us on our mission to enable more profitable power generation, energy storage and use, while lowering the cost of electricity and operations.

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Were things really better before coronavirus?

Normal before coronavirus was not working. Large cities had not seen a blue sky for decades. Now, we can finally see blue sky and clear water again. If we go back to the way things were, we will lose a valuable lesson that the last months have shown us – normal wasn’t working.

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Switching on frequently 01/2020: Keeping busy

The fight against the coronavirus is taking a lot of extra time from all of us. But we at The Switch are well positioned to get past these temporary difficulties. Our factories are keeping up 100% production capacity. And we continue delivering our products as promised.

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