High-speed induction machines

High speed machine highlights

The Switch high-speed induction machines offer quicker deliveries with minimal project-specific redesign work. The shaft end can be adapted to customer needs. The unit is available with feet mounting or flange mounting.

Cooling is modular. A heat exchanger can be used for closed-loop water-to-air cooling. Open cooling is available, or fans can be attached to the shaft. Optionally, a separate electrical fan can be used.

High-speed induction motor
  • Gearless, direct-drive solution
  • From 300 kW up to 2 MW and 20,000 rpm
  • Simple design with fewer components
  • 50% savings in space and weight
  • Easy to install
  • Withstands high centrifugal forces and thermal cycling

Advantages of solid rotor technology in induction machines

SimplerFewer components and lower investment cost
Reliability10 years of industrial operation with 0 rotor failure
Compact size50% less weight
Investment payback in 2 yearsProfit faster

The machine structure is more compact and lighter in weight, and requires up to 50% less space than a conventional design. This results in an overall smaller footprint for the entire system. The solid rotor construction provides high mechanical integrity and rigidity. Without the gearbox, you can reach higher system efficiencies.