Permanent magnet generators for wind 

Medium-speed permanent magnet generators

PMG up to 10 MW, 100–600 rpm

Our medium-speed PMGs operate with a single- or two-stage gearbox. Combining the advantages of low- and high-speed technology, these PMGs offer extremely high availability and reliability, resulting in increased annual energy production.


All generator active parts are assembled directly around the secondary gear stage, so the generator and gearbox can utilize the same bearings, and the gearbox lubrication oil can be used to cool the generator. This solution is compact in size and offers the lowest weight in the market.


The most compact medium-speed solution available on the market today, FusionDrive®, utilizes the same frame for both the generator and gearbox. FusionDrive® is the result of bringing together the world-class wind power technology of Moventas, one of the industry’s leading wind gear manufacturers, and The Switch.

Advantages of wind PM generators

High availabilityExtremely high availability due to simple and robust design
Outstanding system
Superior efficiency over the entire wind speed range, even at partial loads, resulting in higher efficiency and increased AEP rates.
Optimal designOptimized and tailored to each wind turbine and the environment in which it will operate.
Minimal maintenanceHighly serviceable design speeds up maintenance routines. PMG technology eliminates wearing parts, ensuring fewer failures and significantly reducing the need for maintenance.
Superior grid connection behaviorA PMG coupled with a full-power converter provides future-proof grid code compliance, including fault ride-through and 100% reactive power compensation capability.