Any power, any speed

We offer three different topologies to cover all wind power applications from 1 MW to 8 MW and higher: direct-driven, medium-speed and high-speed. The Switch PMGs can be designed with an inner or outer rotor construction. Each PMG topology is designed to best match specific wind conditions and the required turbine designs. This guarantees smooth operation and maximum efficiency. By eliminating cogging, we reduce mechanical stress, improve reliability and extend the turbine’s overall lifetime. Thanks to the improved density, a PMG is compact and lightweight, leading to greater flexibility with limited space restrictions.

Low-speed, direct-drive permanent magnet generators

PMG 1650 – 6300 KW, 11 – 17 RPM

The Switch low-speed, direct-drive PMGs operate without any gearbox and fast-rotating parts. The typical speed range is between 10 rpm and 20 rpm.

The simple construction with fewer components lead to increased reliability and superior drive train efficiency.

All generators can be designed with a segmented stator construction. This provides redundancy and makes it possible to repair the generator in the nacelle without full disassembly. Optionally, our generator design can use the generator bearing as a turbine main bearing to integrate the turbine brake system into the generator construction.

Medium-speed permanent magnet generators

PMG 1650 – 6400 KW, 136 – 414 RPM

The Switch medium-speed PMGs operate with a single- or two-stage gearbox at a generator speed of typically between 100 rpm and 500 rpm. Combining the advantages of low- and high-speed technology, these PMGs offer extremely high availability and reliability, resulting in increased annual energy production (AEP).


The most compact medium-speed solution available on the market today, FusionDrive®, utilizes the same frame for both the generator and gearbox. FusionDrive® is the result of bringing together the world-class wind power technology of Moventas, one of the industry’s leading wind gear manufacturers, and The Switch.

All generator active parts are assembled directly around the secondary gear stage, so the generator and gearbox can utilize the same bearings, and the gearbox lubrication oil can be used to cool the generator. This solution is compact in size and offers the lowest weight in the market.

FusionDrive® brochure

High-speed permanent magnet generators

PMG 550-5850 KW, 1000-1500 RPM

The Switch high-speed PMGs operate with a three-stage gearbox and feature a speed range between 1000 rpm and 2000 rpm. They offer an extremely small generator size and very high efficiency.

As a stand-alone component, these PMGs can be used with many different turbine designs. Existing double-fed induction generators can be easily replaced with The Switch high-speed PMGs without requiring any changes to the nacelle layout.