Switching on frequently 03/2017

Reaching new milestones

The Switch has come far as the result of hard work and reached several new milestones over the past few months.

Together with one of our partners, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, we’re pioneering the leading trends in offshore by moving toward more powerful turbines. Our own permanent magnet generator is a key component in the biggest-in-class turbine, which currently generates power at an impressive 9.5 MW level.

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We’ll be attending the following events and we’d be happy to meet with you there.

Arctic Shipping SPS IPC Drives Marintec China
When: October 30 – November 1, 2017 November 28–30,  2017 December 5–8, 2017
Where: Montreal, Canada Nuremberg, Germany Shanghai, China

Winds of updates for grid codes

An increasing renewable contribution is good news for everybody. Nevertheless, there is a small downside. The fluctuating nature of power generated from wind and solar imposes difficulties in stable electrical transmission.

How to cope with this challenge? 

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The Switch signs a trailblazing partnership agreement with CSIC/711

September 11, 2017 – The Switch and CSIC/711 entered into a strategic partnership agreement, which is significant, as The Switch is one of the first foreign companies to sign a partnership agreement with a leading Chinese shipbuilding conglomerate. Cooperation with The Switch will help CSIC/711 provide profitable power generation and drive train solutions to its clients.

“We want to show CSIC/711 our commitment to cooperation in practice, not only in words.”
Carlo Cecchi, Director of Business Development, The Switch.

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The Switch recruits Parpala to help drive marine growth

The Switch has recruited Ville Parpala as Director, Product Marketing, Marine Solutions, as it targets its ambition of achieving growth of 200% in the marine segment across the next five years. The company will leverage Parpala’s vast experience, and contact book, to push its ability to deliver enhanced efficiency, cost savings and environmental performance to the shipping industry worldwide.

“I’m looking forward to demonstrating exactly how The Switch can help the industry chart a course to better performance, efficiency and commercial, as well as environmental, sustainability.”
Ville Parpala as Director, Product Marketing, Marine Solutions, The Switch.

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The Switch and the seriously relaxed summer trainees

Ten passionate young people had the chance to embark on an adventure in the world of The Switch this summer, learning more about how The Switch operates in different industries and developing their own skills for the future. And here’s what they say…

“No day is like the other!”
Tuomas Valkola, Mechanical Engineering Trainee, The Switch.

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Smooth sailing with our improved test bench

As the world around us is constantly changing, we also need to adapt to the new needs of the market to better serve our customers. One of the latest improvements in The Switch production process is moving one of our shaft generator test benches from our Vaasa location to Lappeenranta. Why?

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The Switch, Steerprop and super-new propulsion unit

Steerprop, a specialist in azimuth propulsion, has unveiled its new CRP ECO LM propulsor featuring permanent magnet (PM) technology from The Switch. The lightweight, compact unit offers shipowners an unrivalled combination of efficiency, power, easy installation and maintenance and reduced lifetime costs.

“We believe the unit sets a new benchmark for efficiency, simplicity, and reliable, predictable marine performance.” 
Mika Koli, Business Development Manager, The Switch.

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The Switch part of the anniversary edition of CWP

On October 17–19, China Wind Power, the world’s leading exhibition in wind energy sector held annually in Beijing, celebrated its very special 10th anniversary. Of course, this year again The Switch was there too – to celebrate this festive edition together.

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