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Blossoming in 2019

As many of you know, our fiscal year is not the calendar year. Instead, it runs from March 1 through the end of February, as is typical for many Japanese companies. The Japanese new year starts with the blossoming of cherry trees. And, similarly, our business has been flourishing, too, at Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch. Our revenue has grown and our profitability improved during the past fiscal year.

J-P President and CEO 

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Will hydrogen fuel power the shift to a greater use of renewables?

Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch believes the global maritime industry is now on the threshold of a committed move towards renewable energy, with hydrogen as the potential acid test in the shift away from fossil fuels. But can really hydrogen fuel be an attractive option for your next sustainable vessel? Make sure to read this latest blog post to find out.  Read more

Ice and easy

The demanding conditions of the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia are plain sailing for MS Viikki thanks to an innovative solution, built around WE Tech’s variable frequency drive technology and The Switch direct-drive permanent magnet shaft generator.

“Greater energy efficiency leads to enhanced cost control, with lower OPEX, and, thanks to lower consumption, reduced emissions.” Juha Reinilä, Key Account Manager, Marine, Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch.

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EBL helps transform efficiency, redundancy and emissions for North Sea Giant

The world’s first Electronic Bus Link (EBL) from Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch has been successfully commissioned on North Sea Giant. The technology, a key element in a retrofitted Wärtsilä hybrid solution, connects the 18,151 GWT subsea construction vessel’s DC-Hubs, providing complete redundancy, enhanced efficiency and significant fuel savings. Thanks to the EBL, the advanced DP3-class vessel can now conduct demanding operations using just one engine, instead of the previous standard of three.

“With this system, North Sea Giant has become the first construction vessel of this size to run a hybrid system, and the first with DP3-class approval to operate with just one engine and batteries. The savings – in terms of fuel, emissions and maintenance – are game-changing.” Asbjørn Halsebakke, Director Technical Solutions, Marine Business at Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch.

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High-speed turbo applications – setting the new standard

We have delivered thousands of turbo motors in serial production to several world leaders for their specialized high-speed pump and compressors applications. Based on more than two decades of experience, the same technology is now introducing motors paired with drives, offering unrivaled cost and size advantages in powers of 100 to 600 kW and speeds of 6,000 to 21,000 rpm.

“We see this as a unique opportunity for all types of applications that can benefit from our high-speed motors, such as fans and turbo blowers, vacuum systems, turbo generators, compressors for industrial air gas and chillers as well as turbo pumps.” Mikko Lönnberg, Business Unit Manager for Turbo / Industry at Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch.

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Technology preview

51.3 GW of global wind capacity installed in 2018

GWEC has released their latest global wind energy statistics. Total new installed capacity of wind energy reached 51.3 GW in 2018. Another highlight in the release are:

  • 46.8 GW of new onshore wind capacity was installed, a decrease of 3.9% compared to 2017
  • The offshore wind market grew by 0.5%, to 4.49 GW of new installations
  • Total installed wind capacity reached 591 GW at the end of 2018, an increase of 9.6% compared to the end of 2017

Changes in the Executive Board of YASKAWA Europe

Effective March 1st 2019, Manfred Stern, President & CEO of YASKAWA Europe, passes the operational leadership to Bruno Schnekenburger, presently COO of YASKAWA Europe . Read more

Nor-Shipping Oslo

Date: June 4−7, 2019 Venue: Oslo, Norway About: With more than 30,000 delegates, Nor-Shipping is renown as one of the leading maritime events where cutting-edge companies showcase their latest innovations that are set up to deliver competitive advantages. We will be there too, and will be happy to meet with you.

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