Newsletter 01-21

Switching on frequently 01/2021: Recap of our strategy

Dear friends,

I promised you last July in my first newsletter to keep our customers in the center of all our activities. I made this promise because I really believe that key to our success as a product supplier is to support the business of our existing and new customers in all possible ways.

Miika Reinikka
Division President & Chairman of the Board

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reduce vessel footprint

Vessels of the future

Green. There are two types of green in the world: money and sustainable technology. Both are important. If you don’t have money, it’s a problem. Whereas if you don’t have green technology to help protect our environment, it’s even more of a problem – an existential problem.

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Trends in the shaft generator business

Lower emission and fuel use

In the early 2010s, our wind business slowed down and forced us to find new applications for our permanent magnet (PM) technology. We gravitated to marine power generation and propulsion.

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Permanent magnet shaft generators are catching on

Large Drive Test Center

ShipInsight’s Malcolm Latarche asks Jan Backman of WE Tech why PM shaft generators are catching on now.

“You have a simple, compact and proven piece of technology that generates power cleanly and efficiently.”
‒ Jan Backman, Sales Director, WE Tech

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Advances improve shaft generator case


In the January 2021 issue of Motorship, Stevie Knight interviews Dr Jussi Puranen to find out about the latest advances in permanent magnet technology for shaft power. Read the full article starting on Page 12.

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Electric & Hybrid Marine presentations

Asbjorn presenting at E&H

Asbjørn Halsebakke participated in this year’s Electric & Hybrid Marine Virtual “Live” event, presenting our Poseidon Power offering and focusing on the DC-Hub for building the ships of the future.

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vessels of the future

Building the ships of the future

In this 45-minute webinar, Asbjørn Halsebakke presents how to build ships for the future. You will learn how you can fulfill current regulations and comply with future environmental challenges.

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Advantages of direct-drive PM shaft generators

Watch as Jussi Puranen and Mikko Lönnberg go through the advantages of permanent magnet technology and discuss how you can put this to work for you in your vessels.

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Is electrification for everyone?

We are in a paradigm shift today. We can’t build ships as we have in the past. Watch our marine webinar recording and learn the steps to take now to be ready for the future of shipping.

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