Switching on frequently 04/2023: Historical year around the corner

Another calendar year is almost complete, and it is soon time for a well-deserved holiday break.

The past year has been very exciting for The Switch. We have received a lot of new shaft generator orders from several system integrator customers, including a number of new customers. These orders have made us clearly a leading PM shaft generator supplier globally.

We have successfully assembled, tested and delivered several PMM 2000 shaft generators from our Lappeenranta factory. Although the main focus this year has remained on PMM 1500 wind generators, our Vaasa factory has also delivered a few PMM 1000 and PMM 1500 marine shaft generators. Our team and partners in China play an important role in our marine deliveries.

In addition, we have signed new agreements and received repeat orders for our newly launched marine drive products, including a few very large DC-Hub systems for some revolutionary vessel concepts. These orders are already now very visible in the assembly area of our factory in Stord.

Deliveries of our high-speed machines have continued at a stable pace.

The next year is going to be historical for The Switch. For the first time, marine products are going to generate more sales than wind or high-speed products.

The shareholder change will also set a new milestone in our history. I had recently a chance to meet our new owners in Japan and see their capabilities – and must say, I am impressed. This visit made me very confident, and I can promise that we can serve our customers even better with them.

I wish you all an electrifying Christmas and New Year.

Miika Reinikka
Division President & Chairman of the Board

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