First months as a BEMAC Group company

The Switch has already been part of BEMAC Group for a couple of months. During this time, several people from BEMAC have visited The Switch and some of our customers.

Both BEMAC and Mitsui are dedicated to developing and growing our business over the long run. This has been clearly visible and appreciated by our employees and customers.

I had an opportunity to visit the BEMAC facilities at Imabari together with our product line directors. We also participated in the Sea Japan fair and had the possibility to present our products at the BEMAC booth. It is great to see how BEMAC can complement its product portfolio with The Switch special electric machines and marine-optimized, high-power converters.

Both BEMAC and Mitsui have a strong interest in helping the Japanese shipping industry to become more competitive. The Switch product offerings, like inline PM shaft generators and DC-Hubs, are such advanced technologies that they can help Japanese maritime companies make the switch smoothly to green and sustainable shipping.

I am personally impressed by the BEMAC position as the leading electrification product supplier for the Japanese maritime industry. This was especially visible at their customer party held in Tokyo just before the Sea Japan fair.

It was also very nice to see how quickly the BEMAC team learned about our products and how well they presented them to a large group of interested visitors during the three busy days at Sea Japan.

The Switch now has shareholders whose business focus is the same as ours, and we share a common vision for zero emissions.

Be an explorer – make THE SWITCH!

Miika Reinikka
President & CEO

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