MAN Energy Systems

MAN Energy Systems, formerly MAN Turbo, chose our solid rotor technology for a high-power compressor of 8 MW, 10,000–12,000 rpm, for a gas application that survives subsea installation with aggressive gases.

SustainX, USA

US-based SustainX, a pioneer in isothermal compressed air energy storage (ICAES) technology, disrupted the current energy storage industry with its transformational cost competitiveness.

Atlantis Resources, UK

UK-based Atlantis chose The Switch integrated PM medium-speed generator to be delivered in 2016 for its newest AR1500 turbine, one of the world’s highest yield tidal generation devices designed for extreme conditions.

ScanWind, Norway

The Switch has provided ScanWind with third-generation drive train packages that combine a 4.25 MW PMG and FPC for use in offshore wind turbine development efforts.

Wello Penguin, Finland

The Wello Penguin, a uniquely designed 1,600-ton vessel, utilizes a low-speed PM generator and frequency converter to capture kinetic energy and turn it into usable power while riding the waves. Special features include the vertical installation of the generator axis and the converter’s rocking platform.

Gardner Denver Pulp & Paper

Gardner Denver Pulp & Paper, formerly Runtech of Finland, has placed continuous volume orders for high-speed motors and drives to be used in its paper machine vacuum systems that run at over 10,000 rpm. Learn how we helped them save energy, space, weight and water in their vacuum system.

One Penn Plaza, USA

The Switch was selected to provide five CHP converters to the One Penn Plaza building in New York City. This large project features multiple converters and generators totaling over 6 MW of natural gas supplied co-generation electrical production. Commissioning was completed in 2010, and the system has been operating on a continuous basis, constantly responding to…

Dongfang, China

The Switch has provided Dongfang with a second-generation drive train package that combines a 1.5 MW direct-drive, outer rotor permanent magnet generator with a full-power converter.

PROKON, Germany

Germany-based PROKON placed another order for 100 direct-drive 3 MW PMG and FPC packages in autumn 2013.