New blower for Tier III compliance

MAN Energy Solutions has launched its EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) electrical turbo blower for the marine market. The Electrical Turbo Blower (ETB) units will be installed aboard vessels as part of their main engines’ integrated EGR system. Along with IMO Tier III regulations compliance, the EGR method is regarded as a very efficient means by…

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Active magnetic bearings for industrial applications

Until now, active magnetic bearings (AMBs) have been typically used for very critical applications, such as oil and gas, at a premium price. But Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch has made it possible for long-standing industrial applications to enjoy all the advantages that AMBs provide. Runtech’s 1 MW vacuum blower is one reaping rewards.…

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Cooling options for high-speed solid rotor machines

Did you know you can choose from a variety of effective cooling systems for our high-speed solid rotor electrical machines? Solid rotor machines are a superb option for high-speed applications because they are robust, efficient and reliable. But because high-speed machines are characterized by high power density, even with the highest efficiency the loss density…

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Giulio Martorelli

How will turbo fit into future energy solutions?

We just got back from the ASME Turbo Expo and Conference in Rotterdam where many were asking how turbo will fit into future energy solutions.

Everyone in the industry seems to be waiting, hesitating to move forward until it’s known which renewable or green gas will best address climate change – and how compressor and turbine applications will need to adapt to handle the new situation. Yet everyone must be ready to move once decisions are made.

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