LIVE WEBCAST February 23, 2022
9am EST | 8am CST | 3pm CET | 4pm EET

In this live webcast, hosted by Turbomachinery International, our experts will explore how solid-rotor technology extends the capabilities of standard induction electric motors. This makes it possible to run high-speed direct-drive applications more cost efficiently at higher powers and higher speeds.
February 23, 2022. 3pm CET | 4pm EET.

Presentation at Electric & Hybrid North America

On December 7, Asbjørn Halsebakke was a guest speaker at Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo USA & Canada Virtual ‘Live,’ presenting new concepts for powering electric vessels and his views of how the world can become a better place to pass on to future generations.

New concepts for powering vessels

Join Asbjørn Halsebakke at Electric & Hybrid Marine USA & Canada edition to hear how it is possible to build a ship today that fulfills current regulations as well as future environmental changes.

Future Energy Solutions – “already proven”

At the recent Future Energy Solutions Conference, Mikko Lönnberg presented several marine cases that demonstrate “The future is now” when it comes to using proven technology to help shipowners fulfill current regulations and comply with future environmental changes.

Lappeenranta proud

Proud is the best way to describe our feeling! Our Large Drive Test Center is ready – and is one of the largest in the world to test large electric drive systems for renewable energy.

A closer look at The Switch PM machine

Take a closer look as Michiel Bosch and Jussi Puranen present The Switch permanent magnet machine. This specially designed machine for shaft generators and propulsion offers vessels unprecedented benefits.