‘Permanent magnet’ makes propulsion technology different

– An interview with Mr. Jonas Nyberg, Managing Director West, Berg Propulsion, and Dr. Jussi Puranen, Head of Product Line, Electric Machines, Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch. English translation of the full published text. For the original Chinese version, see here. By Zhao Bo, Journalist with China Ship Survey Although permanent magnet (PM) machines…

‘Permanent magnet’ makes propulsion technology different

The April issue of China Ship Survey magazine published a five-page article about permanent magnet technology used in the propulsion application. Entitled “‘Permanent magnet’ makes the propulsion technology different,” the article covers the following main topics: Permanent magnet (PM) technology as a simple and efficient solution The importance of joining forces to collaborate and innovate…

LNG and beyond: box ships’ path to decarbonization

On April 13, Jussi Puranen was one of the panelists at Riviera’s Container Ship Tech & Ops Webinar Week. As one of the three panelists, Jussi discussed the potential for fuel savings in container vessels by using permanent magnet shaft generators as one of the ways to meet decarbonization targets. He highlighted the efficiency advantages…

LNG and beyond: box ships’ paths to decarbonizations

On Wednesday, April 13, Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch took part in the Container Ship Tech & Ops Webinar Week organized by Riviera Maritime Media. LNG and beyond: box ships’ paths to decarbonization From LNG and LNG-ready to bio-LNG, ammonia-ready, methanol and fuel saving technologies, container operators are considering an expanding range of fueling…

LUT to award Jukka-Pekka Mäkinen as one of its honorary doctorates

LUT will award 16 new honorary doctorates this spring. Jukka-Pekka Mäkinen, former President and CEO of Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch, will be one of the Honorary Doctors of Technology. The recipients of the accolade include highly influential figures in society and the world of science, such as professors and business executives.

LIVE WEBCAST February 23, 2022
9am EST | 8am CST | 3pm CET | 4pm EET

In this live webcast, hosted by Turbomachinery International, our experts will explore how solid-rotor technology extends the capabilities of standard induction electric motors. This makes it possible to run high-speed direct-drive applications more cost efficiently at higher powers and higher speeds.
February 23, 2022. 3pm CET | 4pm EET.

Presentation at Electric & Hybrid North America

On December 7, Asbjørn Halsebakke was a guest speaker at Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo USA & Canada Virtual ‘Live,’ presenting new concepts for powering electric vessels and his views of how the world can become a better place to pass on to future generations.

New concepts for powering vessels

Join Asbjørn Halsebakke at Electric & Hybrid Marine USA & Canada edition to hear how it is possible to build a ship today that fulfills current regulations as well as future environmental changes.