Juha Tennivaara

New marine DC protection technology causes buzz at E&H marine expo

A record number of attendees and exhibitors came together last month at the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo in Amsterdam to discuss the future of the marine industry. What a relief to be able to network face-to-face after the hiatus of the past few years! We were glad to have the chance to exchange information and catch up on important developments in person.

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Testing verifies safety of permanent magnet shaft generators

Jussi Puranen Safety is one of the biggest worries for shipowners and operators unfamiliar with PM technology. They want to know they’re protected from fault currents even when the magnetic field cannot be switched off. We at Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch take all kinds of safety issues very seriously and have thoroughly examined…

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Dimensioning the shaft line for a shaft generator or propulsion motor

Patrik Holm If you’re considering a shaft generator or propulsion motor for your vessel design, you already know you’ll be saving on fuel consumption, improving efficiency, and complying with the current EEDI and EEXI emission limits. With an electric machine on the shaft line, we face new considerations in shaft line dimensioning. The bearings in…

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