Active magnetic bearings for industrial applications

Until now, active magnetic bearings (AMBs) have been typically used for very critical applications, such as oil and gas, at a premium price. But Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch has made it possible for long-standing industrial applications to enjoy all the advantages that AMBs provide. Runtech’s 1 MW vacuum blower is one reaping rewards.…

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ASME 2022

“I didn’t know it existed!”

Such was the exclamation from at least 4 different potential customers who visited our stand at ASME in Rotterdam from June 14–16, 2022. “I’ve been looking for such a solution for the past few years – but just couldn’t find anything,” said one, coming up to the stand to start discussing our solid-rotor technology with…

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LIVE WEBCAST February 23, 2022
9am EST | 8am CST | 3pm CET | 4pm EET

In this live webcast, hosted by Turbomachinery International, our experts will explore how solid-rotor technology extends the capabilities of standard induction electric motors. This makes it possible to run high-speed direct-drive applications more cost efficiently at higher powers and higher speeds.
February 23, 2022. 3pm CET | 4pm EET.

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