Switching on frequently 01/2020: Keeping busy

The fight against the coronavirus is taking a lot of extra time from all of us. But we at The Switch are well positioned to get past these temporary difficulties. Our factories are keeping up 100% production capacity. And we continue delivering our products as promised.

Switching on frequently 03/2019: Megatrends

This fall has been very busy finalizing new developments and bringing new products to the market. As the general market growth is slowing down, we have been grateful that our business has continued to proceed quite well.

Switching on frequently 01/2019

Our fiscal year is not the calendar year. Instead, it runs from March 1 through the end of February, as is typical for many Japanese companies. The Japanese new year starts with the blossoming of cherry trees. Similarly, our business has been flourishing, too. Our revenue has grown and our profitability improved during the past fiscal year.

Switching on frequently 03/2018

When I visited China Wind Power 2018 a few weeks ago, I was pleased to see how the offshore wind business was taking off. Products are being developed in China for upcoming 8 to 10 MW turbines, and the technology of choice seems to be either direct-drive or medium-speed permanent magnet generators.

Switching on frequently 02/2018

Summer has come to Finland, with some of the warmest and sunniest days we’ve had for a few years. So we’re preparing to enjoy the abundant light and renew our energy, spending time to reflect on upcoming developments and our journey ahead.

Switching on frequently 01/2018

As of March 1, 2018, we became Yaskawa Environmental Energy Division with global responsibility in our selected areas of wind, marine and turbo/industry applications. For us, this now provides a good foundation to continue focusing on our mission to electrify the world with ultimate efficiency.