Switching on frequently 03/2016

The year is approaching its end, but it has been very eventful. We have returned to our strong growth path. The hard work with you – our customers, partners and other stakeholders – has turned into solid business.

Switching on frequently 02/2016

This year in many ways has been a year of harvesting. The Switch has been working systematically in volatile markets, but now the underlying hard work is paying off.

Switching on frequently 04/2015

Worldwide focus on our quest  The Paris climate agreement is a good demonstration of 195 nations standing behind a common goal: to reduce global CO2 emissions. Although concrete steps are yet to be confirmed, there is a unanimous desire to work towards the same direction. This is very much aligned with our views at The…

Switching on frequently 1/2015

Operational modes in marine applications, CHP systems, fluctuating oil prices and the ways to improve your systems’ design, all covered in this Newsletter.

Switching on frequently 2/2014

It’s taken awhile, but the wind power generation market has now come to the point that we’ve been prophesizing the entire time. And now it seems, our belief has proved to be correct…

Switching on frequently 1/2014

Although it may still take some time to regain a healthy supply and demand situation,
wind power is here to stay. We see signs that results are beginning to rebound.

Switching on frequently 4/2013

Transformation is a word that well describes this year. The wind industry has gone through tremendous transformation, giving it a stronger start for the new year.

Switching on Frequently 03/2013

Welcome to our October newsletter edition! We continue to believe collaboration must be a core component in networked world. To this end, we have this fall proudly announced strategic cooperation with Japanese Yaskawa Electric Corporation as well as our successful Model Factory production set-up in Hangzhou, China, materialized together with our partner Scanfil. Read more in Switching of Frequently!