5 ways to cut fuel costs and emissions

Today, we are on a mission to help transform the marine industry to cut fuel costs and emissions by creating energy sustainably, containing energy effectively and consuming energy responsibly. Here are five technologies that our system integrator and OEM partners can use to do so.

DC-Hub is the best solution for cost efficiency

What kind of shipowner are you? Are you the type to simply go around switching off the air conditioning and laying off employees to keep costs in line? Or are you determined to lower costs through investments in the best technology?

Get eco-friendly power to boost profits

Today, the number of projects involving hybrid solutions or alternate energy sources is exploding. Now, there are plenty of hybrid solutions with proven install bases, and the accessibility and ROI potential of hybrid solutions is starting to get within acceptable parameters. But what will the future bring?

Sun power for marine?

Wherever the sun shines, solar panels are there working in all sorts of capacities. But is there a place for solar power in the marine industry? Read in this latest blog.

The savings, reliability and compactness of PM machines

Low CapEx/OpEx, high reliability and compactness. These are the three most important criteria our clients think of when considering adding electric machines to a new or upgraded vessel. But is it possible? Yes, with increasingly popular permanent magnet technology.

Were things really better before coronavirus?

Normal before coronavirus was not working. Large cities had not seen a blue sky for decades. Now, we can finally see blue sky and clear water again. If we go back to the way things were, we will lose a valuable lesson that the last months have shown us – normal wasn’t working.

Are you IMO 2020 compliant?

On January 1, the IMO 2020 rule went into effect, reducing the amount of sulfur allowed in marine fuels to 0.5%. With over 170 countries on board, the benefits should add up quickly. But if you’re not compliant already, what’s the best way to adapt?