Can you afford to ignore sustainable technology?

In the marine industry shipbuilders are understandably reluctant to spend money on more expensive, possibly riskier innovative clean technologies and equipment. However, current investment trends are pressuring companies to pay attention to their environmental and social imprint.

PM machines for powering ships: Why it’s a good idea?

Permanent magnet machines have been utilized with great success in numerous fields to date, including distributed power generation, elevators and hybrid cars. Read on to find out what immense benefits PM generators bring also to ships compared to traditional technologies.

Electrification is for everyone

Diesel and petroleum-powered vessels have for a long time dominated the technology used for maritime transportation. Today, though, the industry is facing an inflection point. Why is it so, and how to be prepared for it? Find out in this latest marine blog post.

A green rescue for reefers with PM shaft generators

Over the past decades, there’s been a dramatic increase in the amount of sea freight being shipped – now over 80% of all cargo is transported overseas. In increasing frequency, companies need to maintain major energy-consuming vessels to cool and ship meat, fruits and vegetables to global markets.

Vessels of the future

Green. There are two types of green in the world: money and sustainable technology. Both are important. If you don’t have money, it’s a problem. Whereas if you don’t have green technology to help protect our environment, it’s even more of a problem – an existential problem.

The next generation of superyachts

Today’s superyachts should be ecofriendly, silent, spacious and strong. The Poseidon Power range of PM propulsion systems deliver the kind of clean energy performance that can propel you to ecologically sensitive regions in style.

5 ways to cut fuel costs and emissions

Today, we are on a mission to help transform the marine industry to cut fuel costs and emissions by creating energy sustainably, containing energy effectively and consuming energy responsibly. Here are five technologies that our system integrator and OEM partners can use to do so.